Thursday, March 15, 2012

Effects of Alcholism

According to the NIAAA, about 14 million people in the United States abuse alcohol or are alcoholic. Statistics also showed that men are four times more likely than women to be heavy drinkers. Men are twice as likely to be alcohol abusing or alcohol dependant. Compulsive drinking causes major health problems and every year, more than 100,000 Americans die of alcohol-related causes. It is also estimated that $98 billion are spent annually in the health and welfare services, property damage and medical expenses, according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.

The most common effect of alcohol after use is commonly referred to as a hangover. Hangovers usually occur after large amounts of alcohol are consumed, and usually comes with these symptoms -- dizziness, headache, nausea, thirst, and fatigue. Drink driving and getting in an accident are all effects of alcoholism.

Alcoholism effects can be short term or long term. After a while, many problem drinkers find that they cannot do their work as well as they could before, or that they are absent more frequently to recover from their drinking. As a result, they may lose their jobs and drink even more to compensate. 
The long term effects of alcoholism includes Impaired mental functioning, Liver disorders, Gastrointestinal problems, Heart disease and stroke, Lung disorders, Cancer, Skin, muscle, and bone disorders, Pregnancy and infant development complications and increased risk for other addictions. In addition, pregnant women who consume alcohol during pregnancy may give birth to infants with fetal alcohol syndrome. Infants with fetal alcohol syndrome may be afflicted with physical and mental abnormalities.

Alcoholism is a disease which brings with it many harmful effects. They all lead to death. The trip down the road of alcoholism can be stopped, and it must be done soon. Alcoholism effects aren't always physical. Many alcoholics end up in prison because of crimes committed under the influence. Driving under the influence is a common crime committed by alcoholics. This crime can lead to many legal problems. Alcoholism also affect those who care about the alcoholic. Broken relationships are common among alcoholics. Look for a treatment professional if you are suffering from alcoholism. Advice and help for the problem drinker are equally important. You can stop all the harmful effects of alcoholism through addiction recovery at Those drinkers who sincerely want to end their addiction or dependence can also do so with qualified drug rehab. Find various drug treatment such as Drug Detox Programs and many more at ChillPharm. 

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