Thursday, March 15, 2012


Perfectionism, in psychology, is a belief that perfection can and should be attained. In ethics and value theory, perfectionism is the persistence of will in obtaining the optimal quality of spiritual, mental, physical, and material being.

Perfectionism may manifest itself in excessive attention to minor details. It can be defined as a personality trait characterized by a compulsive effort to eliminate all flaws and blemishes from one's behaviour and the products of that behaviour. If perfectionism is chronic and excessive, then the individual is said to suffer from an obsessive compulsive personality disorder. In this personality disorder, there is neither blatant irrational ideas or magic rituals.

Signs and Symptoms associated with perfectionistic tendencies or an obsessive compulsive personality disorder include:

  • Emotional isolation
  • Inflexibility and rigidity
  • A tense, 'uptight' attitude toward life
  • Excessive attention to minor details
  • Miserliness
  • Abandonment of personal projects
  • A desire for complete personal effectiveness and competence
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