Thursday, March 15, 2012

Normal or Abnormal

Old people always like to perm their hair -- just like this picture above. My paternal grandmother. She always went to Blk 176 Boon Lay Drive, one of the hair salon there to perm her hair and wash her hair. My grandmother often came to our house. She always wanted to ask my father for money. Then at our home, she would always like to wash her feet in our bathroom. She always washed her hands and she always like to ask my sister to wash her hair and cut her finger nails.

These were what I saw. What I heard about her was that she was 'siao' (crazy, mental illness) and always asking people for money. Almost the whole of Boon Lay people knew her. At my neighbourhood, my block, 169 and 170, she was 'well-known'. People would avoid her (if I am not wrong), and 'scare' of her.

When I was young, many times my grandmother came knocking at our door, but my father said,"don't open the door". We would look at the small eye-piece at the door before we opened the door. My grandmother had a 'characteristic' knocking door sound. We would know its her by the knock of the door. I could not remember how many times, but there were times where we did not open the door(as instructed), and she kept knocking and after that, finally walked away...

Is she really 'crazy' and perhaps suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder, from what I saw? I would tell you more about her, from what I know, and you will see that everybody is born 'special' -- normal or abnormal, it is not for you to judge. Normal or abnormal, the person know himself/herself best. What is normal and what is abnormal? She could walk home herself, she knew how to walk to the hair salon, she knew how to go to the church and she knew how to come to our house. She even knew all her children and her husband.

She looked perfectly fine and she was perfectly energetic everytime I saw her. There was hardly any time or I never knew of anytime she was sick or hospitalized where we need to visit her in her home or hospital. However, during my junior college days, she was 'gone' forever. I heard she slept and never woke up anymore. No words left for anyone. It was a normal day she went to sleep and it was the husband who discovered her 'cold' body in the next morning. It was such a sudden news.

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Everyone is born different. Normal or abnormal? I had seen people around me, and personally me; there are 'weird' people around, but surely they served some purpose on earth.... just like my grandmother... 

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