Thursday, March 15, 2012

Heart Problems

This is Jesus. His Heart is transpierced and provoked by numerous sins of this world. Yet his heart showed love till the very end, even to His enemies...

The heart is really a super organ, able to pump blood to all parts of the body, without the need of you to think about it. Everyday, every moment and every seconds, your heart is pumping blood to all the cells of your body, supplying oxygen and all nutritional needs to your cells.

It is such a miraculous organ which function effectively not only through proper nutrients, but also our emotional part as well. How many times do we feel our heart being pierced and poked with pain when someone betrayed us and hurt us? Our heart can help us to choose various paths of life when we get hurt in our life. We can choose to forgive or let go or choose another alternative path. All these, the way we lead our life depends on the capacity of our heart. What is the capacity of your heart, how big it is, in turns depend on the mind of the person.

God made us in the image like himself, making the first man Adam and woman, Eve. Because of the first sin which they had made, sins had been passed down to us. Soon, Jesus was born, given to this earth to die on the cross for the sins of this world. He loved the world so much. He knew everything about us and the sins of the world. His heart is filled with love and passion, so much so that he had no fear, he was full of bravery and courage. His death on the cross was his holy and sacred heart, filled with unlimited passion and love for mankind.

Problems of the heart will be solved through the truth of the heart. The truth of the heart is the heart that clicked...

The Pump Room was where I worked. I was a Trainee Perfusionist then at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. That was my first official full-time and permanent job after my graduation. I saw many Open-heart surgery like mitral valve surgery, CABG, aortic valve surgery and so on. Most were successful heart surgeries, but some were not so fortunate. I got to see the real heart anatomically and I also see the real heart of people as contrast to their faces. I got to see what was shown differently from TV Shows too. I got to see famous doctors, rich surgeons and many faces of the people in the operating theatres... Anyway, lots of things to shared but not possible to finish everything within one post. Just a word about surgical treatment of valvular disease. Maryland Heart Center contains information about mitral valve repair, including interesting topics like History of Mitral Valve Repair, Mitral Valve Repair Rates and Mitral Valve Disorders and even Patient Success Stories and many more! 

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