Thursday, March 15, 2012

Living Well With Acne

Ideal skin has a smooth, even complexion with no obvious pores; it is also supple and winkle free. But this ideal skin exists only on the covers of magazines, where exceedingly think airbrushed models tease us into believing that such goals are truly attainable when in reality they are only fragments of our collective imagination and marketing agency talents.

We all strive for smooth and flawless skin -- the perfect skin. It defines beauty, exudes confidence, and implies success. However acne is an obstacle to beautiful skin. It distorts the otherwise smooth contour; leaves the skin red, bumpy, and uneven in tone; and leaves behind scars that can last a lifetime. It makes people feel embarrassed and self-conscious. It creates a barrier between the beauty within and the face that we put forward. Luckily there is good news -- if treated and appropriately, it can be controlled so that the negative impact is minimized or ideally erased.

Acne is a condition of the skin that is more than just about how we look. It can also be a sign of, or be made worse by, hormonal disturbances, stress, medications, and other factors. The scarring that can result from even mild acne can last a lifetime and serves as a painful reminder of the acne that was.

Acne occurs most commonly after puberty and affects adolescents and young adults. However, it can also occur during infancy, and even in adulthood. Although its appearance may vary at different ages, the basic lesions of comedones, inflamed papules, and pustules remain the same. It can be a debilitating, scarring, disfiguring condition that can affect anyone of any age, gender or ethnicity at any time. Many myths about acne also exist that make it difficult for some people to manage and understand their condition.

It is very important to understand that acne has several underlying causes and there are manyoptions available in the market. Whether you currently have acne, have phantom acne, or are living with the physical and emotional scars from acne, the solution to the problem of acne involves a dual approach. While learning to better manage your acne, your other job is to learn how to live your life well and in a meaningful way. Fill your life with positive thoughts. Give your life more emotional freedom and happiness; diminish your tendencies toward self-deprecation, anxiety and unnecessary sadness. Positive thoughts and feelings coupled with increased energy can enhance your ability to enjoy life, feel more positive emotions, think more clearly, focus better, laugh more, and live better.

Accept yourself. You can win the skin game. Winning does not mean attaining the perfect, flawless skin. Perfect skin does not exist in this world. Perfection does not exist in reality. Perfection is an illusion. Achieving and maintaining perfection is impossible and the emotional price is unaffordable. To be 'perfect people' are miserable and exhausting. They are resentful of others who define them by their perfection and demand that they always live the part. Most movie stars and supermodels eventually burn out, and many turn to alcohol and drugs to alleviate the stress and pain associated with maintaining their supposed perfection. They pay the emotional and physical toll of living in a society that refuses to allow them human flaws.

Real human beings, like you and me, have imperfect skin with blemishes, blood vessels, dark and light spots, rough texture, visible pores, oil spots, and unwanted hairs. You can view these imperfections not as an affliction but as a blessing in disguise. As a real living person, you are a wonderfully imperfect being. It is not necessary to live imprisoned by the false illusions portrayed in the media. You can simply strive for good skin, good heart, and good soul. Remember that acne treatment and healing is not an overnight process. Various acne treatments and acne solution are available, such as lasers, intense pulse lights, photodynamic therapy, and new medications. Skincare products or Acne product like cleansers, spot gels, clearing gels, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), botanicals, etc are easily available. With modern medicine, acne can be effectively treated. Don't worry, be happy. Spend your time wisely, stop dwelling on self-pity and dejection because of your acne problem. Take part in various activities, have an active and healthy lifestyle. 

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